I have created a puzzle wherigo cartridge called "Fifteen" which may be played anywhere in the world.  Since the wherigo may be played anywhere I thought it would be nice to have geocaches scattered all over the USA that could be found using the one wherigo cartridge.  To that end I added a routine to the beginning of the cartridge that asks for which state's geocache you wish to play.  Upon successful completion of the cartridge it will give you the GC number and coordinates to the associated geocache in that state and only that state.  To find an associated geocache in another state you must play the wherigo cartridge again selecting that state at startup.  Below is a map and list of states with geocaches designed to be found using this wherigo cartridge.
To add your own wherigo cache to this cartridge

This Wherigo cartridge is designed to find multiple geocaches.  To that end I am inviting others to place a wherigo geocache and use this cartridge with their wherigo geocache.   There will be only one geocache per state in the cartridge so if your state isn't already in the above list you may place a cache and I'll add it to the cartridge.  Its simple.  You place the geocache, any size you like and anywhere you like.  After all, its your cache so its up to you.  Send me the GC number and coordinates to the final and I'll add it to the cartridge.  Simple as that.  You do the geocache part, I'll do the wherigo stuff and you'll own a wherigo geocache.

Steps to have your geocache added to the cartridge

  1. Email me through my Geocaching.com profile letting me know which state you'd like to place your cache in.
  2. If nobody is already working on one in your state I'll let you know to go ahead.
  3. Place a single stage geocache just like placing a traditional.
  4. Create your wherigo geocache page being sure to select 'wherigo' as the cache type.
  5. The posted coordinates on your cache page should be within 2 miles of the actual cache.
  6. Enter this url on your wherigo page for 'related web page".   http://www.wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=c11b374d-b190-4ff9-8405-f9e59f33cb27  Its a link to the cartridge and would be a good idea to include it in your text also.
  7. Make an additional waypoint on your cache page for the final location keeping it hidden.
  8. Add this link to your cache page.  Its the same map and list as above.  http://www.rustyojunk.com/image/statelist.jpg
  9. Keep your new cache page disabled so it doesn't get published yet.
  10. Would be a good idea here to ask your reviewer to check your spot that your cache can be published there.
  11. Send me the GC number and coordinates for your cache final location, not the posted coordinates.
  12. I will add your GC number, Coordinates and state to the cartridge.
  13. I will e-mail you letting you know your cache is in the cartridge
  14. You have your cache published.  Its important your cache is not published until its in the wherigo cartridge or it will not be findable.

Simple as that!